To freeze time and take a moment to absorb the place and time we are in.

The environment.
The humans.
The animals.
The sounds.
The smells.
The colours.
The lights.
The warmth, or the cold.

The past that has led us here.
In this present that’s a perfect result of running momentum in all aspects of life.
Momentum that never stops, cycling from past into future, in whatever direction we decide to nudge its movement.

Our attention is merely taking a snapshot of an always moving universe.
When we succeed to appreciate, we succeed to be




1. Calligraphy

Born from hand drawn calligraphy, this part represents the name of the brand.
By prioritising an organic flow over readability at first sight, the goal here is to guide the atmosphere of the design.

2. Tree Illustration

The ultimate example of a grounded being.
This part is split in two pieces: Curved leaves on top and straight to the point roots at the bottom.

These minimalistic symbols can be used in smaller sizes throughout the branding.